5 Most Underrated Workouts

Workout trends come and go, but these things remain.

  1. A Brisk Walk
    Targets: Cardio and enduranceWalking is usually not considered “real exercise,” yet most Americans take less than half of the daily recommended steps. So, Brisk Walking actually seems like the perfect way to start bridging the gap between a sedentary lifestyle and an active one.
    In reality, a brisk walk is anything but “weak.” It can be just as beneficial as running and promote cardiovascular health and decrease the risk of diabetes and high cholesterol, while also reducing the strain on joints compared to running. Brisk walk is a walk that is faster than a relaxing walk but not as stressful for the body as running.
    A brisk walk doesn’t have to take up too much time as it can be incorporated into a daily routine by parking further away from the grocery store or the office, and even by strolling up and down the hallways on breaks.

Optimizing Health is not about being better than someone else…  IT IS ABOUT BEING BETTER THAN YOU USED TO BE.
— Aimee Tariq

2. Using the Stairs
Targets: Glutes, Hamstring, Calves, Cardio and Core

Using machines to work out gets boring, so why not ditch the machines and explore a new part of town by heading to a park with stairs and a view, or even a stadium for your next cardio fix? By running or walking up and down stairs, you’ll increase your heart rate, improve coordination and develop lower body strength. There’s so much variety in how you can use the stairs,  and there are so many opportunities to use them! They are everywhere. So next time you notice the opportunity- take the stairs!

3. Jump Rope
Targets: Arms, Legs, Cardio and Core

Associated with childhood games and memories, most people brush off this intensive and effective workout as a waste of time- Jump Roping is anything but that. A jump rope is only a few dollars and doesn’t take up space, and it’ll give you a more efficient workout than running on a treadmill, or doing a few sit-ups. Jump Roping burns massive calories and engages so many of your muscles – Arms, Legs, and your Core, while still being fun. So maybe it’s time to channel your inner child and pick up a jump rope?

4. Hula-hooping
Targets: Arms, Legs, Abdomen and Buttocks

Also associated with childhood games and memories, most people are too embarrassed to swing their hips and hula! Hula-hooping is a fun way to keep fit! While targeting your arms, legs, buttocks, and abdomen it also improves flexibility, balance, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and endurance. A weighted hoop can even provide enough resistance for a strengthening workout routine. After a long day sitting in the office, hula-hooping offers a fun workout that can help realign your spine while also giving you the opportunity to connect with your inner child and laugh and be silly. It strengthens the body and heals the soul. Turn up some music and get to swinging those hips!

5. Arm Circles
Targets: Shoulders, Triceps, Back and Biceps

It looks silly and ineffective, but after only 30 seconds most people find themselves completely exhausted! Arm Circles are considered to be a dynamic stretch, which means that you’re stretching as you’re moving. Arm Circles help warm up your shoulder joints while also increasing circulation to your arms, fingers and shoulders. Holding a set of lightweight dumbbells while performing arm circles optimizes the toning effect of the exercise. The muscle tone will increase while excess arm fat reduces. Now it’s your turn to try it and feel the burn!

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