Improved Memory and Energy!

How did Aimee impact your life?

Her depth of knowledge is absolutely fantastic due to the hours and hours of research she’s done. She took my health to the next level from a nutritional, psychological and social standpoint. Thank you Aimee!

What made this health journey difficult, and how did Aimee help?

I come from a family where eating is one big enjoyment and we often share sweets over a cup of tea, or greasy potato chips. Aimee taught me how to navigate social situations and triggers that might have led me to eat processed goods that didn’t benefit my health.



What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your weight loss journey?

The hardest thing was to stop myself from dropping by StarBucks to get their processed sugar and dairy filled drinks, together with a doughnut. Empty calories and that sort of stuff.

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