Lost Weight, Increased Energy, and Recovered quickly from illnesses.

How did Aimee help you?

Aimee’s advice is amazing! She goes deep into nutrition and how each food/ingredient can benefit or harm your body and hormones. She is deeply knowledgeable in living a natural, healthy lifestyle and not relying on processed foods. I took her advice for stopping refined sugar and over time I noticed increased energy levels.

She told me about fruits such as dates and also lemon water, which I have successfully used to boost energy. I also stopped relying on caffeine so much thanks to her help.


What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your weight loss journey?

The hardest thing was to stop myself from making impulsive food decisions like chocolate bars, chips, or fast food. But Aimee taught me how to make HEALTHY impulse decisions- I didn’t even know that was possible!